Floor of the Roxy Theatre

The Scene:

A group of NZ film legends breathe cinematic life into a Circa 1932 theatre building.

The Challenge:

Delivering the floor of the vision: a breathtaking feature floor worthy of the tribute but commercial enough to endure the masses for years to come.

The Solution:

Synthetic Terrazzo using selected blends of black & white marble chip, inlaid brass strips and diamond-polished to a mirror-like shine.

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The story:

In 2010 BM Scott was recruited to advise and contract the specialist flooring at what was then called the Miramar Theatre. Synthetic Terrazzo was selected as the flooring medium based on its infinite colour options, unrivalled durability and regal finish. From the size, colour and blends of marble chip used to the placement of the brass divider bars, every flooring detail was put into place with meticulous thought and care.

Over the course of two months, BM Scott’s team of professional tradesmen shaped and installed brass divider strips, cast and installed treads for the Grand Stair, laid and then diamond-polished the feature floor for this extraordinary project.

Like any true craftsmen, BM Scott relishes a challenge and the opportunity to showcase the skills that set us apart in our trade. Thank you to Peter Camp Builders for giving us just that opportunity and making us a part of this once-in-a lifetime project.

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