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Resin Flooring Advantages

Fast Cure time
Fast curing

Coatings containing DEGADUR polymerize very fast and can be Subjected to chemicals and mechanical load about two hours after application.

  • Only brief stoppages or shutdowns required
  • Ready for use after only a few hours
Low-temperature curing
Low-temperature curing

Coating systems containing DEGADUR cure completely even at temperatures as low as -30°C.

  • Can be applied at very low temperatures
  • Application on in cold storage areas
Interlayer adhesion
Interlayer adhesion

Due to an excellent mutual compatibility, the individual layers of DEGADUR" resin systems bind particularly well to one another.

  • DEGADUR systems can be applied to one another and allow a modular approach to floor design which can be tailored to  project requirements
  • Damaged surfaces are easily re-coated
Expertise and innovative strength
Expertise and innovative strength

Evonik itself produces more than 95% of the components of DEGADUR' resins and has comprehensive expertise in the development and production of monomers, polymers, additives and coatings .

  • Resin systems matched to project specifications
  • Continued development of eco-friendly resin systems
Weathering and aging resistance
Weathering and aging resistance

Floor and decking systems obtained after curing of DEGADUR based resins are distinguished by extraordinarily high light- and UV-resistance and long service life.

  • Long lifetime and service life
  • Application is also possible in open areas and on exterior surfaces

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