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Polished Concrete / In-Situ Synthetic and Traditional Terrazzo Flooring

Years of polishing hard-floor mediums such as marble and Terrazzo have provided BM Scott with a definitive edge in concrete floor polishing.

The exquisite polished surfaces we create are based on an understanding of concrete as a medium and the mastery of diamond polishing techniques learned over many years.






Synthetic Terrazzo as a flooring medium has infinite colour options, unrivalled durability and regal finish. From the size, colour and blends of marble chip used to the placement of the brass/aluminium divider bars, every flooring detail can be put into place with meticulous thought and care.

Our proficiency with multiple hard-floor mediums allows us to assess each floor individually, specifically tailor the machinery and grinding techniques to be used and deliver showroom quality results in your home or business.

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